About Squirt GoLive

An Atlanta, Georgia native, Squirt GoLive exploded on the comedy scene in 1996. He began his comedy career at The Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta and quickly got the attention of the surrounding clubs in the city. His quick wit, silly attitude, underestimated intelligence and ability to grasp an audience had the city of Atlanta wanting more  and more of Squirt GoLive. 

Squirt GoLive began to perform at major comedy venues, small auditoriums and colleges when he got the attention of Teegar Entertainment and was signed to be a part of The South East Comedy Super Jam with "Bru-Man from the 5th Flo" Reggie Ballard, Bruce Bruce, Steve Brown, Earthquake, and many more... 

In 2000, Squirt GoLive made his 1st television appearance on Comic Relief hosted by Angelo Dundee on UPN 69.  In 2001, Squirt GoLive competed in the Deff Comedy and Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser Comedy Competition, held in 4 different states with over 50 comics.  He won 1st place for the state of Georgia.
From which winners from each state competed where Squirt GoLive was runner up to "Big Les" Leslie Jones. Later in 2001, Squirt GoLive was contacted by B.E.T.'s Comic View and recorded his 1st of 6 seasons. 

From which Squirt GoLive has committed himself to a life of Comedy. Touring from city to city and state to state, making a mark across the world, Squirt GoLive is without  doubt, The Biggest Lil Man in Comedy!
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